Debriefings on Recent Jury Duty

Jury duty is a unique experience. The premise is ‘getting it right.’
The task is neither governed by the clock (it’s 4 o’clock - I’m done, time to go home!) nor by just getting it ‘done.’ (it’s off my desk!)

Here the goal is to get it right - just and fair.

‘Getting it right’ entails listening, thinking, seeing more than one side, holding an open mind, and questioning.

Privately grappling with matters of rightness and being human.

There is no answer key to supply a conclusion.

Jury duty is a duty, rather than a hobby.

Our actions carry a burden of responsibility and importance that goes beyond us.

The task touches people’s lives.

We are aware of the heightened obligation and fully commit our time, skills and energy to ‘getting it right.’

The task garners $17.20 per day.

Thus jury duty means committing to the obligation of ‘getting it right;’ accepting the weight of the endeavor, wrestling in seclusion over questions of truth and human-ness – all while receiving a meager reward.

It is no wonder people prefer to avoid jury duty. What person would embrace such a life?

We’re called artists.