Compositions and Arrangements


Solo Works

for solo piano
“Austere counterpoint of quiet, timeless reflection punctuated by pauses of full, warm harmony. A captured moment - it lingers in the morning air.” 2011. Performances: Anne Ku, Amsterdam (premiere) 2011; Avguste Antonov, 2012 Listen

Postscript for solo cello
“From an enthusiastic, bold opening to helpless sarcasm touched by cynicism, the cellist succeeds to find a place of gentle consolation and sings with heartfelt resolve.” 2011. Performance: Chicago Cello Society/Karen Schulz-Harmon (premiere), 2012. PARMA Recordings MOTO VIRTUO II  online benefit concert with cellist Ovidiu Marinescu for New Music USA. June 18, 2020. Listen

for unaccompanied cello
Commissioned for cellist Lucie Ticho to pair with the Bach cello suites.
“Robust and soaring. Wintram extends a playful glance to the era of Bach while confronting the chaos and beauty of the present day.” 13'/2015. Performance: Lucie Ticho, IL (premiere) 2015 Listen


Adirondack Spring
for String Orchestra
"The work opens with the majestic scene of spring’s first daybreak as the morning light shines on the snow-covered peaks of the Adirondacks. The sun, finally high enough in the sky to meet the snowy slopes and valley treetops, sets them ablaze.  And then it begins. Joyfully, a world comes back to life. Rivers thaw and unbound streams of fresh-melted water bounce, gurgle and surge. Animals stir, birds reappear, all rushing through the days, now relieved of the weight of winter. Hesitantly, bright-green sprouts, fuzzy buds, and flowers emerge. The springtime world dances. And all the while, the sun continues to rise, earlier and earlier, frantically, like a hound dashing to overtake its shadow. This galloping energy brings us to the majestic and final sunrise of spring, for summer will now insist on its turn. And as the morning fades into brilliant day, we are left with only a memory. A memory guaranteed to return. Next spring." 8'/2023

At the Edge of Dawn for Trumpet and String Orchestra 

Caprio for Oboe and String Orchestra
“The initial distinct voices of oboe and strings gradually draw each other together into a vibrant weaving of flow and repose.” 9'/2011. Performances: Waukegan Symphony Orchestra, IL (premiere) 2011; Women’s Community Orchestra, CA, 2016; Northwest Symphony Orchestra, IL, 2017.

Montegar  for solo Viola and String Orchestra
“Bold, heroic. An ageless temperament bound by a history foretold.” N.B. Seating preference - the Violin 2 section seated behind the Violin 1 section. 11'/2012. Performances: Northwest Symphony Orchestra, soloist Michael Hall, IL (premiere); encore performance at Orchestra Hall (Chicago, IL) 2014.  Semi-Finalist for American Prize, 2015 Listen

Pogolla for Chamber Orchestra
The title Pogolla names a fictitious character who offers hints of irreverence and absurdity. Originally scored as a trio for oboe, viola, and cello, this chamber orchestra version brings added colors and textures to the punchy gestures. 7'/2011 Performance: South Loop Symphony, IL (premiere) 2012; Northwest Symphony Orchestra, IL 2013.

Striadica: A Symphonic Passage for full Orchestra
Commissioned by the Lake Forest Civic Orchestra, IL. “The every-day, reshaped by contingencies. The time-bound path twists through certainty, bewilderment, and fragile reconstruction. Upon release, recognition arrives.” 9’/2017 Performance: Lake Forest Civic Orchestra (premiere May 13, 2018). Released by the Navona label on the album "Legends and Light, Vol. 2" in January 2022. Listen

 Chamber Works

Albiedo for brass Quintet

Aragonde for flute, violin and cello
9'/2016. Listen

Ariel for string quartet
“The earthy mezzo-voiced violist leads the quartet through the dimensions of anguished imprisonment to the tender release of the creative spirit.” 8'/2011. Listen

Bennington Crossroads for violin, clarinet and piano
“A glimpse of three thoroughfares at their place of juncture. Each locale pulses with its singular character and flair, while creating one distinct crossroad.” 6'/2015. Listen

Bergamo's Ruse for oboe, violin, cello, and harp
“A mischievous blend of dance infused with a desire to tell of cunning deeds and ambitious dreams." 6'/2012.

Burlingame for flute, oboe & clarinet
“Opening in a contemplative moment of low, velvet tones, an alternate scenario of amusement intervenes, expands to fullness, and then vanishes. The scene-en-scene dissolves leaving the original moment uninterrupted." 8'/2012.

Cantilever Four for Horn Quartet
I wrote “Cantilever Four” in the Spring of 2022 for a friend’s studio recital. The horn teacher wanted one ensemble piece on the program which would allow for the second and fourth horn players to shine and make music confidently. The work stays within a comfortable range, using relatively straight forward rhythms and technique, while creating a dynamic, rich, and colorful work. Each player has an opportunity for self-expression and full participation in making music in a horn ensemble. 5'/2022

Caprio for oboe quartet (oboe, violin, viola, cello)
“The initial distinct voices of oboe and strings gradually draw each other together into a vibrant weaving of flow and repose.” 9'/2011  Performances: Metropolis Oboe Quartet, IL, 2015; Face the Music, NY, 2015. Listen

Duo for oboe and bassoon
“An elegant dance of unspoken words between oboist and bassoonist. Haunting and graceful.” 2011 Performance: South Loop Symphony players, IL, 2013

A Garden Walk for Tenor Recorder and Cello
"A stroll through a flower garden on a perfect day in June." 2024

Lill' for flute, viola, bass
"The trio is thrown together in full-spirited play. They capture the impulse of impetuous youth in its brash eagerness to rumble with the world.” Dur. 1 minute

Memento for Clarinet, Horn and 4 cellos

Milvanne for oboe, horn, and string trio
“Across a flowing expanse, Milvanne soars with powerful grace, elated spirit, and buoyant playfulness. A kite unbound. Majestic. Lyrical.” Commissioned work. 15'/2021 Private concert and recording session, 2021, Chicago, IL. Listen

Mourret for clarinet and string trio
Commissioned work. 10’/ 2018. Performance: Private concert and recording session, Jan. 2019, Chicago, IL. Listen

Pogolla for oboe, viola, and cello
“The trio jostles together in quirky jabs and shifting pulse. Hints of irreverence and absurdity. An intense mid-portion of fluid string notes and warm concord leads to a spunky finish.” 2011

Song of Well-Wishes for viola and cello
In the style of a Loving-Kindness Meditation, the song evokes traditional phrases of well-wishing. Heartfelt and wordlessly. “May you……” 3'/2023 Listen.

Stile Antico: On a theme of Palestrina  for 5-voice cello ensemble
“With inspiration from Palestrina’s ‘Praestet hoc nati genitor.” 11'/2012. Performance: Chicago Cello Society (premiere), 2013 Listen

Yarmouth Time for violin and cello
Nor'easter - Latchstring Lullaby - Walkabouts. Written during the 2018 Artist-in-Residence program with the KISMET Foundation, Yarmouth, Maine. 11'/2018. Performance: KISMET Artist Concert (premiere), May 2018; Trio Casals concert, Carnegie Hall, May 2023. Appears on the Trio Casals album "Moto Finale" released in December 2021. Listen

You are Flowers
for Oboe and Cello
2021 Listen


The Blue Bird
  for unaccompanied SATTBB choir
Text by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (1861 - 1907) (L’Oiseau Bleu) 4'/2018 Listen

Devouring Time for SATB choir a cappella; text by Shakespeare
"In a contemporary setting of Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 19 infused with early-music traditions of polyphony, modal tendencies, and tone-painting, the ageless poet celebrates the artist’s triumph over time." 6'/2015 Listen

I Had No Time for unaccompanied SATBBB Choir
A 6-part a cappella setting of the poem "I Had No Time To Hate" by Emily Dickinson (1830 -1886) SATBBB or Men's voices (2CnT, T, 2 Bar, Bass.) Dur. 4 -5 minutes. 2020 Listen

Senex puerum for unaccompanied SATB choir
Choral setting of the Latin text of the Antiphon to the Magnificat at First Vespers for the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 3'/2018

Si vis amari ama
for SATB choir a cappella
(If you would be loved, love.) Text by Seneca. 4'/2014. Performances: Walden School Chamber Choir, NH (premiere) 2014; Rensselaer Concert Choir, NY, 2016 Listen

Handbell Choir

Timeless Grace
for 2-Octave Handbell Choir
Commissioned work. 4'/2018. Performance: St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Damascus, MD (premiere), Dec. 2018




Bach: Aria: "Bekennen will ich seinen Namen" for oboe quartet  (oboe, violin, viola, cello)
From Cantata BWV 200, for alto voice, two violins and continuo. “A singing oboe line amongst poignant counterpoint. Subdued beauty and joy as only J.S. Bach can convey." Also available for Oboe and String Orchestra.

Bach: Goldberg Variations "Aria" or Oboe, violin, viola, cello
This new ensemble arrangement stretches our ear to hear deeply and imaginatively inside this timeless work of art, while paying tribute and illuminating the enduring mastery of Bach’s form, technique, and expressive beauty. 4'/2016 Listen

Bach: Suite from J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations arranged for Oboe Quartet
The Suite includes the opening Aria, and six variations. No. 1, 10 (Fugetta), 25 (Adagio), 22 (Alla breve), 24 (Canone all’Ottava), and 30 (Quodlibet). Duration: About 25 minutes with repeats.

Bach: Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1 arranged for Cello Quintet
The familiar Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 arranged for 5 cellos.

Bach: Toccata for Brass and Percussion

Bach: St. Matthew’s Passion “Prologue” for String Quartet
Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet. 2021

Bizet: Carmen
Version of Bizet's opera for small orchestra and condensed plot, for the American Opera Group, Chicago, IL

Corelli: Allemanda for String Quartet
This is a string quartet arrangement of the Allemanda (Allegro) movement of Arcangelo Corelli’s “sonate da camera,” Op. 4, No. 11. The work is energetic and upbeat. 3'/2022

Corelli: Chaconne for String Quartet
This is a string quartet arrangement of the Chaconne movement of Arcangelo Corelli’s Sonate da Camera, Op. 2, No. 12. This version strives to capture the joyful variety of texture and harmonic flow as found in the original work, while incorporating contemporary performance styles. 4'/2022 Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet.

Dvorak: Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, No. 8 for String Quartet
“This dance is filled with dramatic pacing and symphonic richness. Heartfelt melodies touched with haunting grace; slightly introspective. A rarely heard, but immensely satisfying work for performers and listeners."


Elgar: Angel's Farewell for Voice and String Quartet
This is a version of the final portion of Edward Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius, Op.38. Also available in a version for String Quartet alone. 2022

Elgar: Canto Popolare for String Quartet
This is a string quartet arrangement of the “Canto Popolare” section of Edward Elgar’s orchestral tone-poem “In the South,” Op. 50. This beautiful and flowing section of “In the South” features a solo viola “singing’ a tune considered to suggest a Neapolitan love song. It is based mostly on the orchestral version but incorporates the closing section from Elgar’s own version for viola and piano. 5'/2022

Elgar: Chanson de matin, Op. 15 no 2 for String Quartet
Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet.

Elgar: Chanson de nuit, Op. 15 no 1 for String Quartet
Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet.

Elgar: In Haven (Capri) for Voice and String Quartet
Movement 2 from Elgar's Sea Pictures, op 37. Dur. 3 min. 2016.

Elgar: Sabbath Morning at Sea for Voice and String Quartet
Movement 3 from Edward Elgar’s Sea Pictures, Op. 37. Duration: 6 minutes. 2016.

Elgar: Salut d'amour, Op. 12 for String Quartet
Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet.

Elgar: Sea Pictures for voice and string quartet
This complete string quartet version brings out the full color and texture of the original full-orchestra version. Includes clued staff above showing vocal line and lyrics.

Elgar: Sea Slumber-Song for Voice and String Quartet
Movement 1 from Elgar's Sea Pictures, op 37. Dur. 5 min. 2016.

Elgar: The Swimmer for Voice and String Quartet
Movement 5 from Edward Elgar’s Sea Pictures, Op. 37. Duration: 6 minutes. 2016.

Elgar: Symphony No. 1 "Adagio" for string quartet
“The moving and exquisite slow movement from Elgar’s First Symphony offers beauty touched with pathos. The intricate writing creates intensities of color and personal reflection.” Dur. 11 min. 2015. Listen

Elgar: Where Corals Lie for Voice and String Quartet
Movement 4 from Elgar's Sea Pictures, op 37. Dur. 4 min. 2016.

Fasch: Sinfonia in A Major for string quartet
Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet. 12'/2021

Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11 for String Quartet
The work has been changed from the original key of D-flat to a more string-friendly D. There is also an alternate version indicated which makes it possible to perform an abbreviated 2-minute version of the work. Duration: 5 minutes. Includes an alternate version of 2 minutes. 2022

Handel: Del Ciel d’amore for voice and piano
Ariodate’s aria from Handel’s opera Xerxes (Serse) Originally with string accompaniment. For baritone/bass and piano.

Bell Carol Fantasy for Orchestra
Based on the choral piece Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells) by Mykola Leontovych. Listen

Mendelssohn: Wedding March  for Unaccompanied Virtuoso Cello
Mendelssohn’s well-known Wedding March from A Midsummer Night's Dream arranged for solo performer. This version allows the cellist to present this standard wedding repertoire with flair and robust grace and energy. Dur: 2-3 min. 2015.

Pachelbel: Canon in D for Unaccompanied Virtuoso Cello
Pachelbel’s classic work arranged to allow the solo performer to showcase their agility and musicianship while offering a dynamic and refreshing performance of this familiar work. 3-7 mins. 2015. Listen

Schubert: Der Erlkönig, D 328/Op. 1 for woodwind quartet
Schubert’s iconic Erlkönig transcribed for flute, oboe, B-flat clarinet and bassoon. The flute line portrays the narrator; oboe line the father; clarinet line the Erlkönig; bassoon line the young child. Commissioned by the Prism Chamber Ensemble in celebration of Schubert's Birthday. Performance: Prism Chamber Ensemble (premiere) at the Dreihaus Museum's Schubertiade. 2013

Schubert: Entr’acte from Rosamunde for woodwind quartet
Schubert’s Entr’acte No. 3 from Rosamunde transcribed for flute, oboe, B-flat clarinet and bassoon. Suitable for concert performance as well as causal events. Beautiful melodies. Duration. 8 mins. 2013. Commissioned by the Prism Chamber Ensemble in celebration of Schubert's Birthday. Performance: Prism Chamber Ensemble (premiere) at the Dreihaus Museum's Schubertiade. 2013

Soler: Sonata No. 18 -  for violin and cello
The sonata, originally written for the keyboard, offers eloquent rhetorical gestures and refreshing changes in colors. This arrangement is transposed down a minor third from the original version in the Dorian Mode.

Soler: Sonata No. 18 - for wind duo: oboe and bassoon
Originally written for the keyboard, the work offers eloquent rhetorical gestures and refreshing changes in colors. Soler was a progressive theorist of modulations and creates beautiful counter motifs and shifting harmonies.

Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings in C major, Op. 48 Elegie - Mvt 3, for String quartet
Arranged for the Hildegard String Quartet.

Torelli: Concerto for Strings. Op. 6 No.  for String Quartet
“Buoyant, cheerful. A four-movement work of joyful Baroque energy and color; suitable for weddings, social events, or pure listening pleasure.”

Traditional: The Water Is Wide (Waly, Waly) for mezzo-soprano and orchestra
The traditional Scottish folk song arranged for mezzo- soprano and orchestra. 5-6 min. (2*222-4231- Harp, Chime, Strings). Also for mezzo-soprano and piano.