Thursday, July 14, 2011

Serving up fresh ingredients makes for success!

Composer Mark Warhol and his Ensemble Warhol have been putting together compact and vivid productions that combine live contemporary music, dance, theater, and visual arts. How refreshing to be involved in a production where everything from the music, stage designs – including mobile sculptures – to the choreography, were current, contemporary and actually produced solely for this production. The audiences responded with interest and approval to this fresh event with tailor-made elements!

The Photo Gallery from the recent production of Mark’s Memories and Fantasies shows how well the dancers, actors, and stage-set all worked together. Note how the white stage sculptures by James Fuhrman added another dimension for the imagination.

I certainly applaud artists such as Mark Warhol who realize and respect the potential of the stage as a live performance space, rather than a place for re-cycled reproductions of artistic heir-looms. Bravo!

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Mark Warhol said...

Thanks for the kind words. However, I must add that credit for the success of this show must also go to Maestra Kim whose steady hand guided the orchestra and to the spectacular dancers of Contrapose Dance.