Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adieu Racheli - keep making your music!

I am deeply sadden that cellist Racheli Galay will soon be taking leave of the US and returning to her native land where richer opportunities exist. Racheli inspires and mesmerizes all that hear her play the cello. I would personally prefer to hear her over any of the world cello stars current doing the circuit. After a blazing performance of the Barber cello sonata a composer-colleague commented, “You know who she reminds me of, don’t you?” I had never seen Jacqueline du PrĂ© live, but he had vivid memories her presence, and Racheli’s intensity is as compelling. Another colleague in the audience immediately booked Racheli as soloist with his group.

I could gather myself up onto a soap box and rant about the myth of 'hard work and talent' as the sole key to success, or the falsehood that  ‘cream rises to the top’ (when it is the spin that rises). But I’d rather say “Thank you, Racheli. You bring music to life - and life to music. Your music has touched me greatly and deeply.”

Chicagoans have one more opportunity to hear Racheli perform live at MAYSES UN KLANGEN - Stories and Sounds  at The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Skokie, IL. Sunday, July 10, 1:30pm.

(I admit to selfishly booking Racheli and her chamber musician friends for a private jam session/salon before she leaves.  Although live is best, perhaps I will be able to share some of this via video.)

Adieu Racheli. Remember, we still have the Elgar cello concerto to perform together. Keep that hope alive!

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Maestra Kim Diehnelt said...

Here is a summary of Racheli's event. It was a full house, and an impressive performance by the whole ensemble. The program would make a fabulous radio show with a live audience!